Sunday - 8:45am - 10:00am


My style of teaching is a Hatha based practice where attention is given to the breath and the possibility of exploring the body and mind through a deeper more conscious awareness of the breath. The practice is slow, steady, deeply healing and nourishing on all levels of our being – physical, emotional and mental. Time is given to explore the pose and how the body and mind are feeling in that moment.  All levels are welcome as variations are always given and specific injuries will be catered for in practice.
Through my years as a massage therapist, body worker and healer I have developed an ability for intuitive touch and bring this into class with gentle, mindful, hands on assists. Gently guiding your body through touch. This allows an extra layer of support to your practice, enabling you to journey deeper into your body and cultivate an awareness of the mind. The body responds deeply to supportive touch and can open us up to new spaces and new feelings.

Booking Details:

£13.50 or 5 classes for £60

Meriel Angharad
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