Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage is for the Mind, Body & Spirit. This means it can work on any level:

Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.

I offer a bespoke service where I tailor make the session to meet your needs on that day. I can offer differing styles; Deep Tissue structural work through to gentle soft work. The treatment can be relaxing /calming or rejuvenating/ energising or detoxing/cleansing. Experiencing the massage through your breath, it is my aim is that the touch will be nourishing, powerful, far reaching & transformative so you will feel the benefits long after the session has finished. Massage should never feel painful or intrusive but comfortable & safe so that you can melt and ‘let go’. Equally, it needs to feel potent, not like a superficial skin polish!

How often should you have a massage?
I believe creating both time & space for regular ongoing sessions is the key. It is a wise investment. Massage is for life, not just for the odd injury or occasional pampering, but can help support your journey through life. It should be used as a preventative not a cure. You can only understand it by feeling the touch. Like most natural therapies; Massage has a cumulative effect; meaning that when you have regular sessions, one or two weeks apart, you will notice more benefits each time. Your body ‘remembers’ how good it felt after the previous session, & automatically starts to release tension the moment you get on the table. A once monthly session is pure maintenance but if you want to transform from where you are now, consider investing in weekly or twice monthly sessions until you see results

Cancellation notice
If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, I kindly request that you provide me with 48 hr notice. I regret that a full charge will otherwise be made.

Individual session £70 (1 hour 15min) Advance payment only
Preferential rate avail for Regular sessions by Monthly Standing Order £52 (1 hour 15 min)
Minimum obligation one session a month /please enquire for payment details

Please note: The above time slot is inclusive of consultation and undressing

To enquire please call Jenny on M: 0787 655 0939 | Email: jennycwaite@gmail.com

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