Neal’s Yard Remedies Facials

Neal’s Yard Remedies Facials

Indulge yourself with a Holistic Facial using Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) Organic Skincare & find out about your skin type & corresponding product advice.
This beautiful treatment is a hands-on sensory experience to be remembered.
Rejuvenating Frankincense –concerns with ageing / fine lines / wrinkles / skin tonicity
Rehydrating Rose – concerns with dryness / skin radiance / dehydration
Men’s Revitalising Facial – To calm / purify / invigorate the skin

About the Skincare range
• NYR Organic ingredients are Pure, Natural, Certified Organic & Wild.
• Harnessing the power of Herbs & the therapeutic properties of Aromatherapy.
• NYR Organic products are World Class, Award-Winning & British Family-Owned.
• Luxurious skincare designed to pamper, nurture & protect.
• NYR Organic believe what we put on our skin is as important as what we put inside our bodies.
• NYR Organic believes in ‘Safe Cosmetics’ & do NOT contain any Chemical ‘Nasties’ or Synthetic Fragrance

Benefits of the Facial
• Help to prevent fine lines, wrinkles & puffiness and improve radiance & hydration levels to skin.
• Incorporating Oriental Facial Acupressure will help balance the flow of energy through the meridians & promote overall good health & well-being.
• Relaxing muscles, Improving both skin tone and lymphatic flow helping to gently eliminate toxins.
• A complimentary scalp and hand massage will relax you further whilst the steam and mask get to work.

Cancellation notice
If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, I kindly request that you provide me with 48 hours’ notice. I regret that a full charge will otherwise be made.

Individual session £70 (1 hour 15min) Advance payment only
Preferential rate for Regular Sessions by Monthly Standing Order £52 (1 hour 15min)
Minimum obligation one session a month / please enquire for payment details

Please note: The above time slot is inclusive of consultation and undressing.
Please do not hesitate to contact me in advance of your booking to discuss any concerns, sensitivity or allergies you may be aware of.

Contact Information
Please visit the website below for more information or to shop online simply register and shop direct to your door or place order via Jenny. email: T: 07876 550 939

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