Saturday 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Menopause Yoga Workshop for Strength and Empowerment with Caroline Lucas

Menopause Yoga Workshop for Strength and Empowerment. Improve muscle strength & bone density. Lift low mood.

Menopause Yoga is a great way of managing your symptoms and your mindset.

This session is a re-energising practice to help build bone density through weight-bearing poses.

Improve muscle strength, increase the heart rate and build stamina, and lift a low mood and lethargy.


Introduction over a herbal tea


Breath work

Time to reflect


The Yoga

Caroline will guide you through a flowing Yoga class to lift your mood and lethargy. Focusing on energising the metabolic system with Sun Salutations that increase the heart rate and build stamina. It includes poses that improve muscle strength, weight-bearing poses for bone density, twists to stimulate digestion, and heart-opening poses to life low mood.

Yin Yoga and Restorative poses in the latter part of the workshop, finishing with a breathing practice and meditation.


There has been little information on how to manage the symptoms of Perimenopause, Menopause to Post Menopause.

A lack of oestrogen can affect many parts of our body causing all kinds of symptoms emotionally and physically, the feeling that “someone has taken over my body.”

We now have a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, natural remedies, complementary therapies, and Menopause Yoga – to help manage menopause symptoms.

You will leave the practice feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and healthy.

Booking Details:

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