Harriet Short

Harriet is a qualified Hot Power Yoga living and working in South East London.

Harriet’s journey began at an early age, with her first interest being in Ballet. Having studied Ballet, Modern and Tap from a young age Harriet went on to pass many examinations, completing RAD Ballet syllabus to Advanced Two level. Her passion for dance evolved as she experienced contemporary dance. This then lead Harriet on to studying and completing a degree in Dance and Cultural studies. She continued to study dance further as a year later she completed a Masters in Choreography, with her work being performed at a gala performance at Siobhan Davies Studios.

Whilst studying and completing her Masters Harriet discovered Yoga. Not only did she see the physical results that equipped her to have a deeper connection with her body, but also opened her up to a whole new way of experiencing life.

Harriet assisted and taught Dance classes from the age of 14, she then took the leap into completing a Teacher Training with Hot Power Yoga in Clapham. This transformational experience was the catalyst Harriet needed to fulfill her dreams.

Harriet now teaches Yoga on a regualr basis. Her classes are light hearted and fun, with a strong emphasis of empowering you to feel your body. Her passion for passing on her experiences through Yoga shines through in her classes. SO, let go of your inhibitions and come and empower yourself!

Current classes: