Tuesday - 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Hatha Yoga

Julia has been teaching yoga for well over 30years, and at Karma for over 12 years. It’s a mixed ability class and Julia teaches in stages, so there’s a suitable level for everyone.

Julia can accommodate beginners and experienced students alike. It’s a small friendly class, usually between 5-10 of mixed abilities.

The class aims to achieve a balance between strength and flexibility by holding and developing postures with the breath. Julia will often focus on a particular posture for a few weeks, working with preparations and variations, each class is a complete unit in itself working the spine in every way that it’s designed to work therefore students may attend a one off class, stay for the development of the posture or become a regular attendee and enjoy the long term benefits of yoga.

Booking Details:
£12 per class (£10 on zoom) when paid by block (£72 block of 6 in person or £60 block of 6 on zoom).
Individual classes can be booked and paid in advance at £15 (£13 on zoom). One off trial class £10.

Booking Details:

£72.00 for 6 Weeks or £15.00 Drop In

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