Tuesday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Pilates (Mixed Ability)

This class is for all abilities (beginners are welcomed and encouraged) with a strong focus on alignment, technique and body awareness, in order to achieve the greatest benefits from their practice. Regressions and progressions are offered to suit all levels, and exercises can be modified to suit particular needs. Classes are small, with no more than 12 participants, to ensure individual and tailored attention. We work on posture correction, strengthening the core and the muscles around the joints (to protect them as you age), functional mobility for everyday active living, flexibility, balance and coordination.

I specialise in back pain and hypermobility and bring this knowledge to my classes, helping clients recover from pain and protect them for the future.

I’ve often heard it said that people think Pilates is boring because it is slow – as my current clients will tell you, my classes are never boring! I like to add variety and a sense of fun and enjoyment to every class.

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6 Classes for £72.00

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