Saturday - 10:30am - 11:45am

Pregnancy Yoga

This class is for women from 14 weeks pregnant and is safe right up until birth. No previous experience of Yoga is necessary as the practice we do is very specific and tailored to your needs during this time. It is a safe and welcoming environment and provides the support and understanding required to meet both your physical and emotional needs.

Classes are different each week and tend to work to the needs of the group. All classes will include nurturing yoga, pelvic floor exercises, breath work, time for discussion and relaxation.

The exercises and techniques will support your pregnancy helping alleviate common issues such as heart burn, breathlessness, back ache, pelvic pain and more.

Over the classes you will learn different ways to help calm your nervous system and start the journey of bonding with your baby.

We cover practical ways to help with the birth and you will get to practice different birthing positions and breathing techniques.

Yoga is not only safe during pregnancy but will help maintain your health and fitness so that you reach birth as well as you can and have the foundation for a full postnatal recovery. As well as this you will discover the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation.

Its also a great way to build a support network with other mums in the local area, every class has time for discussion on topics from preparing for the birth, attachment parenting, the 4th trimester and much more.


Classes are in blocks of 6 and cost £75 for the block.

For more information or to book the class please email lucy@lucyamusan.com or call 07747 613 147

Visit www.lucyamusan.com

Booking Details:

£75.00 for a 6 week block

Lucy Amusan
07747 613 147
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