Gentle Pilates

This classes draws on the principles of precise and controlled movement that form the foundations of Pilates, but are designed to be slightly lower intensity than a ‘traditional’ Pilates class.   

The aim of the class is to help improve, maintain, or restore physical function and classes include lots of mobility work, along with stretching and strengthening exercises. These sessions will help you to improve your posture, core strength, and flexibility, and improving balance.

This means you are less prone to injury or wear and tear and will see improved flow of movement.

Gentle Pilates allows the mind to relax, body to unwind, and to find a deeper connection between physical and emotional being through the use of linking movement and breath. 

We will use props to enhance the class such as stretchy bands and mini-balls.

Maximum of 10 per class.

Current classes:

Friday - 10:15am - 11:15am

Gentle Pilates (Also Available Online)

A class designed to work on your posture and core strength. This flowing class will include gentle pilates flows all focusing on your posture within …

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