Power Yoga

Power Yoga has derived from Ashtanga yoga. The practise is very similar to that of a Vinyasa class which focuses on ‘flowing’ between each yoga pose. The dynamic practise or POWER of the class helps to build heat in the body, get your heart pumping, tone, sculpt and stretch you.

Aiming to increase stamina, aid in weightloss and build muscle tone the class is challenging but as the saying goes ‘mind over matter’. Harriet is also there to encourage you to reach your full potential.

You may be thinking ‘POWER’ I can’t do that… YES you can, you can do more than you think.. if you just believe!

Current classes:

Sunday - 10:30am - 11:30am

Power Yoga (Also Available Online)

A warm and friendly class open to all abilities with emphasis on awakening the powerful person inside. Committed to finding a practice suitable for everyone …

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£12.50 or £56.50 for 5 weeks

Harriet Short
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