Saturday 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Postnatal recovery. Find your centre

A workshop dedicated to postnatal recovery. This workshop is for all mothers that wish to recover from pregnancy and birth and who want to establish a foundation to their health to support them on their mothering journey.

This is a dedicated practice to promote the health and wellbeing of mothers.

The workshop will include:

A physical practice which will focus on the health of the pelvic bowl, the alignment of the spine and integrity of the deep abdominal muscles. 

You will learn simple but effective practices which will support the healing of not only diastasis recti, but also cultivate optimum pelvic floor function, overall tone of the core muscles and how to safely start exercising again.

We will spend time on closing practices to help ground and feel more centred. The energies of pregnancy and birth can leave mothers feeling very open and vulnerable, it is now that it is important to learn ways to help ground your thoughts, feelings and energy back into your core.

Breathing practices to help alleviate both exhaustion and overwhelm. We can sometimes get caught in a catch 22 when mothering as sleep deprivation takes its toll. Tiredness can lead to feelings of overwhelm let alone tending to the demands of a baby/infant.

Birth trauma healing and processing. During the workshop there will be an opportunity to revisit your birth experience. Whether your birth was one of joy or didn’t go as you’d hoped or a mixture of the two it is always of benefit to have space to address these feelings in a safe and supportive environment. We will do this using restorative poses and guided meditation.

We will also cover topics such as scar tissue massage, breast health, nutrition, self-care and how to prioritise your own well-being enabling you to mother from a place of strength and peace.

As there is a lot to cover, we ask that mothers come alone without their babies. This is a workshop just for you to have some time out of being a mother. If this will be an issue due to feeding, then please let me know and something can be arranged. 

Booking Details:

£30 per person

12 spaces max.


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