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Align and Shine Yoga Flow
with Hsin-Yi Huang

Align is to focus on our alignment, Shine is to connect with our heart to move from that place and shine your light out and flow through with our breath.

We explore and focus on a different theme each week and learn how these themes can be incorporated into yoga and our daily life.

Please email or phone to book a place. Hsin 07796 957678 or Email
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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga helps you develop techniques to increase flexibility and strength in your body and deal with the many changes taking place both physically and emotionally. Yoga helps the body and mind to be well prepared for pregnancy and birth. Yogic breathing connects you in advance with your birthing muscles, giving you confidence, especially if you are a first-time mother. Your pregnancy posture will improve, and this can allow a rapid recovery of muscle tone after the birth. Yoga increases the levels of energy, giving a sense of wellbeing. The deep relaxation techniques taught can also help if you are having difficulty with sleep.

Our pregnancy yoga classes cover:

Yoga for mid pregnancy (14-32 weeks) and late pregnancy (32-40 weeks)
Pelvic floor exercises
Yogic breathing, birth breathing
Strengthening birthing muscles
All over strengthening
Loosening the hips
Useful birth positions
Deep Relaxation and Visualization techniques useful for pregnancy and labour

To book a course please call 0208 639 0000 or email:
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga
with Caroline

Caroline has trained with appleyoga run by Katy Appleton, which is a 240 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course. The appleyoga approach to Vinyasa Flow is a distillation of years of study and a lifetime of movement practice. This Vinyasa Flow class is intelligent and transformational with methodology that is easy to learn and helps people to go deep into their practice with lightness and grace. It is biomechanically savvy, creates freedom in the body and is grounded in principles of sequencing that allow people to soar in every class.

To book please email
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with Sabine C Smith BWY Diploma

What is YogaSomatics?
Definition of Yoga and Somatics
‘Yoga’ = union, binding or bringing together mind and body.
‘Somatics’ from the Greek word ‘soma’ = the living body; experiencing or seeing oneself from within.*1)
Both aim to allow body and mind to function as one.

What to expect

Whether you are a practitioner of Yoga or Pilates understanding how your body works from within will be beneficial to you and make your practice even better. We develop habits, which become automatic in time and we are seldom aware of them. These habits, useful or not, can be improved by re-creating new neural pathways.

How is that done in a class?

Working with your breath and contracting individual muscles or muscle groups on an In-breath and releasing completely on an Out-breath, we can set new patterns and habits. Over time this way of engaging with the body will improve posture, helps to alleviate muscle discomfort and create new and more helpful patterns.

The number of participants in this class will be limited to 10 as demos and adjustments are part of the class structure.
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Private Yoga Tuition

Whilst there are many benefits to be gained from attending group yoga classes, an ideal way for many people to learn yoga and develop their personal practice is through one to one sessions. Before you start the one to one sessions, your needs will be discussed and assessed. From this an individual practice of postures and breathing will be developed and taught; one that is appropriate for you. Things to consider might include general health, flexibility, and life circumstances.

Benefits of one to one yoga classes:

· Personal attention and tuition ideal for beginners to build confidence
· Convenience of lesson times made by appointment
· Development of a personal practice for your individual needs
· Specific therapeutic benefits for injury, illness and stress

Please note all sessions are held at Karma Studios we do not offer home visits.

Prices: £60 per hour for a 1:1
£75 per hour for a 2:1

To book a class please contact us on 07530 009042 or email:
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Gentle Flow Yoga

These yoga classes are designed to improve flexibility, posture, promote healthy joints, increase oxygen intake, strengthen bone and muscle and improve balance.

Throughout the class we link movement to the breath and always end the class with some dedicated relaxation time giving the mind and body essential time to rest after the yoga practice.

The class is open to beginners or those who have had a break from exercise as clients are encouraged to rest whenever they need to.

In yoga, it is believed that our real age is determined by flexibility and health of our spine.  As we get older, our range of motion and flexibility of spinal column diminishes and our posture deteriorates, leading to reduced musculo-skeletal body functioning. Yoga is the perfect activity to take up if you are older or if you suffer from aches and pains, because its low impact and precise motion combined with weightbearing postures have strengthening benefits for the whole body. 

Regular practice of yoga can help reduce age linked ailments and will make you more agile, stronger, and importantly bring a real sense of relaxation.
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Hatha Yoga
with Julia Daley
I am a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) trained teacher with a Teacher Training Diploma (NVQ level 4, 3∏ years study) following completion the BWY Foundation Course (8 months study) and have been practicing yoga for over 20 years.
Originally a professional dancer, movement and fitness have been entwined in my life since an early age. Yoga has been an integral part of my work as a personal trainer (of which I have 20 years of experience). I am passionate about yoga and enjoy sharing all the benefits that it gives on many levels including increased strength, stamina and flexibility. I believe that yoga provides a balance of mind, body and spirit.

As a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, stress reduction, and personal development through positive suggestion are an important element of my teaching. I am also very interested in posture correction and core strength which are fundamental in my classes. I am delighted to be teaching in this new and exciting studio and look forward to bringing yoga to many more people.

Book Now.
I am delighted to be teaching in this new and exciting studio and look forward to bringing yoga to many more people.

Book Now.

My Qualifications

Yoga Qualifications

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course
British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma
Insurance with and member of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY)

Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy

National College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Diploma
Insurance with and member of National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (NRHP)
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Power Yoga
with Harriet on Sunday Mornings

Looking to empower your body and your mind with a more athletic style of yoga, then come along to Power Yoga. A warm and friendly class open to all abilities with emphasis on awakening the powerful person inside. Committed to finding a practice suitable for everyone that will inspire, transform and empower you.

Embrace Power Yoga
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Tai Chi and Qigong
with Sylvia

The Chen family Tai Chi form is a soft internal Martial Art.

Its versatile skills incorporated in a series of movements are beneficial for posture, balance, core strength, health and wellbeing.Learn how to calm your mind and move with ease through connected strength in a small friendly class.

This unique Ancient system is ideal for the stressful 21st Century and is suitable for all abilities.

For more information or to reserve a space email or call 07729 952918
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Iyengar Yoga - Wednesday & Thursdays
with Rose Newbold

Rose teaches the internationally renowned method of Iyengar Yoga, headed by BKS Iyengar, places emphasis in its teaching of the asanas (poses) on correct positioning of the body. Using props (foam blocks, belts etc.) when necessary this allows individuals to progress in total safety and at their own pace.

To book contact Rose on 07711 656682
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Body Control Pilates
with Denise Sandhu

This mixed ability class at 7.30 p.m. Uses portable pieces of equipment like gym balls, foam rollers, wobble boards, various small balls and resistance bands to add challenge to classical Pilates exercises. This keeps the class interesting and stimulating and gives feedback when trying to correct posture faults.

The class is run in 4 week blocks and attendance is by booking onto a block only. The cost is £40 for 4 weeks and there is a maximum of 10 in a class.

1:1 sessions can be arranged either at Karma Studios or in your own home for £45 per session

To book contact Denise 07968 484710
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Kids Yoga
with Lily Read

Tuesday afternoons during term time:

Classes are fun and active, perfect for stretching and soothing young bodies and minds. Children can explore yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation in a fun and secure environment.
Yoga has amazing benefits for children:

•           Improved flexibility and strength
•           Great posture, balance and co-ordination
•           Builds confidence and concentration skills
•           Combat stress and anxiety
•           Make new friends and have fun!

For more information or to book a class please email: or call 07798 883 618
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with Jude Hirschheimer

Pilates is a complete body conditioning method developed by its founder, Joseph Pilates, dedicated to improving physical and mental health. Targeting the deep postural muscles, it works by building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.

Through a series of exercises, you will be able to tone and reshape your entire body, improve your posture, and achieve the balance between strength and flexibility, helping to relieve stress and tension

For more details please email Jude: or call 07545 618745
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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style that uses props to support the body, encouraging deep relaxation. Using passive yoga asanas we let our nervous systems shift and enjoy the benefit of true rest. Different from more active styles, we will concentrate on surrendering our weight to supports and softening into the stretches. This helps us to relieve the effects of negative stress encountered in daily life, and can be highly beneficial in times of fatigue, illness, and emotional strain. Our focus will be to calm and nurture ourselves on all levels during the class. Music which is used will enhance the experience, encouraging a total sense of letting go.

Purpose of Restorative Yoga
The purpose of restorative yoga is to provide rest and rejuvenation to muscles and connective tissues. Relaxing on an assortment of supports may seem lacking in difficulty, but it is challenging for some to find the stillness and patience required for the long holds. It’s essential for us to give our muscles a chance to rest and rebound from exercise and from everyday life.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga
Even one restorative yoga pose will lead to a calm, restful state. By arranging the body strategically and supporting it with props, you’ll experience deep rest and healing. In each pose, you’ll get all the usual benefits, multiplied many times over because of the long holds. Restorative yoga relieves stress and takes you to a quiet place that is meditative and ideal for processing emotions.

Is Restorative Yoga For Me?
If you have an injury or illness, please let your teacher know. With that noted, restorative yoga is for everyone, no matter your age or fitness level

Please see the
Events page for dates and times for these classes.
Purpose Made Yoga & Pilates Studio (Specialised sports flooring, air conditioned, heated, lots of natural light, a wall of mirrors, fully equipped with top of the range mats and blocks, filtered water, dimmable lighting system). Classes average at 10 participants ensuring clients get plenty of individual attention.
No membership required.
Classes can be paid for on a weekly basis or sign up for a block of lessons with the teacher of your choice
Experienced, well established teachers.

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